Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Coaches on the Hot Seat

Muy Caliente !!!!

Chuck Langston - combine expected NCAA sanctions with a program that should dominate the LSC North....

John Horner - might not win another game this year. Record at NSU 10-36

Kurt Nichols - ECU regressed a lot the last two years (3-14)

Is it getting warm in here?

Mark Ribaudo - weak non-LSC wins may buy some time (12-15)

Scott Conley - how patient is new AD in Commerce? (16-21)

Not on the clock...yet

Ray Richards - did well with Baxter's players first two years (14-6), this year is a disaster (1-5)

Dale Carr - got ASU back in playoffs with Coach V's players, next year may be crucial.

Solid Footing

Ryan Held - has had some limited success, rumored to always be looking for greener pastures

Bill Maskill - has led MSU to playoffs twice, but rumors of turbulence below the surface

Sam McElroy - Continuing winning started by Whitten, will program continue to win ala MSU, or fall off ala SEO?

Chris Thomsen - ACU has alway had talent, first playoffs since 1977 National Championship

Don Carthel - wt faithful thinks he walks on water

Too soon to judge

Bo Atterberry - N/A first year in rebuilding project, team shows improvement, next year will be first to judge


Anonymous said...

Maskill better keep winning. He's made a lot of enemies who are just waiting for him to slip up.

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait for the NCAA's final determination on Central Oklahoma. Nail 'em to the wall.

JCunningham said...

Ray Richards is probably on better ground then most think. Unless there has been an attitude change in SEO land, they are not ones to fire coaches very often.

LSC Scoop said...

I hope that's true about Richards. I met him last year, and he seemed like a genuinely nice man.

Anonymous said...

Baxters last class are Juniors this year, and after reading their roster, they only have 3 or 4 juniors. Curious what happened to that class. The sophomore class is Richards first class. He'll be just fine, and if you look at their best players, they are true freshmen, red-shirt freshmen and seniors.

Anonymous said...

Does it count for any of these coaches that they may have led others to Christ Jesus?

Chad S

LSC Scoop said...

Should it count? Part of a coach's responsibility is to help these young men mature into solid citizens. So, yes it should count.

The reality is that they are not judged on that. More often than not, schools and fans will overlook thuggish and immoral behaviour if their team is winning, while a coach who is a decent person, and focused on improving someone's life isn't going to last long if the team doesn't win.

If fans would support the programs of coaches and schools that arent't 100% focused on the w/l, these type of men would be more in demand.

LSC Scoop said...

Keep in mind, the LSC Scoop is not advocating any coach's removal, we are just exploring possible scenarios.

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