Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Scoop is 1 Month Old!

Yesterday (10/30) marked the one month point in the LSC Scoop's existence. And it was our best day yet.

We reached the 100 hit mark (107) for the first time in any single day.

When we started the Scoop a month ago yesterday, we thought it would just be a small thing a few people from the message boards would drop by every once in awhile and check in on.

Boy were we wrong.

In the first 30 days:
- we've had Sports Editors from the newspapers covering the LSC schools contact us wanting info/giving info
- we've been asked about Scoop T-shirts to wear to their team's games
- we are now linked to some of the biggest college football blogs on the internet
- we've been ripped by some and complimented by others
- actually had fans emailing their Athletic Departments trying to have us linked to their webpages
- reached 107 hits by 73 different visitors in a single day
- and last but not least, worked like crazy to make this the ultimate source for everything
Lone Star Conference

We realize we haven't been perfect, but we've tried as hard as we can to be as close to it as possible. We've said this before, and we will say it again. We're just normal, everyday fans like you, who figured instead of emailing things back and forth to each other we would throw it all out on a blog and see if it caught on.

And has it ever.

Thanks to everyone who checks in on the Scoop on a daily basis. If you haven't done it already, bookmark us and check in on us a few times a day. We are constantly changing/adding things throughout the day as things pop up.

We appreciate all the nice emails/comments/PM's on the D2 site you have sent to us. It always makes it easier to put forth the effort required to maintain something like the Scoop when you know there are alot of people out there who enjoy it and make it a constant visiting point.

We also appreciate Brandon for letting us have a voice in the message boards. That will always be "home" to us and all of our visitors. We are just glad he has given us the opportunity to have a "voice" there and let you guys know we are here, and for the same reasons the D2football/D2hoops sites exist...the love of our D2 schools.

Thanks again, and keep checking in on us.
The Scoop

PS - We'd also like to point out the same people who ripped us are probably the same 6% of idiots that didn't vote for WT making it into the playoffs in our poll.



Anonymous said...

Great job. Still go to the LSC site, and for other things, but this site complements them greatly.

Anonymous said...

This site has help me take my mind of other internet sites that I may frequent every now and then.

Chad S

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