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10 Questions - Joey Boyd WR San Antonio Madison

10 Questions with Joey Boyd

The San Antonio Madison Mavericks improved on a 5-5 2006 record by going 13-2 and a spot in the 5A semi-finals. One of the stars of the team was WR Joey Boyd, who led the team with 46 receptions for 763 yards and 8 TDs.

Scoop: You leave Madison after an outstanding season last fall. What do you think your lasting memories of your high school career will be?

JB: My lasting memories of my high school career would be working hard to get where i am today. I started my freshmen year on the B-team and never got thrown too. Then one game they passed it to me and I made a defender miss and went for 6. Ever since then I have just know that I can make an impact for my team. Also I'll remember how my team pulled together injury after injury and did what no one other then us thought we could do. James Madison Mavericks Class of '08.

Scoop: The Mavericks were riding high, undefeated through 6 games, when star RB Devin Thomas was lost for the season. His replacement Josh Miles filled in admirably, but was lost as well right before the playoffs. How were you and your teammates able to overcome those losses and make it to the semifinals?

JB: Well first, we had a lot of seniors on this team and we all realize we couldnt let up and we had to push on just that much harder. We didnt have our 1st, or 2nd, or even 3rd string RB so that meant we had to all do that much more at all the little things we each were assigned. Becoming a great team started in off season last year but didnt end until the last game of the season.

Scoop: Did you believe you had a realistic chance to overcome a 21 pt deficit in the fourth quarter against Smithson Valley in the Region IV final? What kept the team from giving up? How did you feel after the game?

JB: Actually I knew that we had a chance to win and when we scored the 1st one i realize we had a lot of time left. Many times though i thought it could be over... when they scored again and when we failed to convert on 4th down. But with a steady dose of me and Bryan saying were still in this to the offensive huddle the guys knew they couldnt quit. I was dead after the game. I was on offense, punt return, kickoff return, and onside kick. I just didnt come off the field the whole 4th quarter. But I would have done it all again.

Scoop: You didn't have this problem much last year - losses. How do you deal with setbacks? What was tougher, the 3 point loss to Judson (on a FG as time expired) or the 66-21 loss to Katy in the state semifinals?

JB: Well we had just lost Devin and then add in we played at Judson to the state runner-up and add in the game winning field goal and that is a heart breaker. We all went out to win that game for Devin and we lost. The next week there was a step up from the team at practice and we beat a good Churchill team. I would say the Katy game because we were so close to our motto... State for '08.

Scoop: Who was the best player you saw this year on an opposing team? Do you study what they do on the field that makes them successful?

JB: He might not be well known but this guy for San Marcos. He played running back and then when the defense went out there he played corner. He had the task of covering me that game and although i thought there was holding almost every play it wasnt called and so he continued to do it. Its like people saying it was wrong that #8 pushed off. Well if the refs arent calling it either way then you should take advantage of it. What I saw that made him successful on the field was that he gave it his all every time the coached called his name whether it be on offense, defense, or special teams the guy went 100%.

Scoop: If I'm a coach, why would I want a person like you on my team? What are your best qualities?

JB:I am going to put in the work as well as get others to put in the work needed to be successful. I am a competitor and dont like to settle for anything other then winning. I also bring leadership both in words and in actions. I can make the big catch at the end of the game or just catch that one that moves the sticks.

Scoop: What player, college or pro, do you play most like?

JB: I would say i most play like Wes Welker or Brandon Stokely. They are both white guys that are not very fast but yet they seem to always be open. I think it is because they have a knack for finding the open area, knowing the game, and running precise routes.

Scoop: Have you decided on a major for college? What kind of career would you like to have.

JB: I would like to major in business or education to become a teacher at a school so that I can also become a coach. I love the game of football as well as baseball and I feel like there would be nothing greater in life then to teach kids everything I know to help them get to the next level and become something in life if football doesnt work out.

Scoop: Have any LSC schools been recruiting you? Do you have a favorite?

JB: The only one that I have even heard from is Tarleton. All they did was ask for game film and I havent heard from them. I would like to go to one because they are a D2 and can offer some athletic scholarship as well as staying kind of close to home.

Scoop: Any advice for guys coming up next year on how to prepare themselves for college, both on the field and in the classroom?

JB: Yeah, go to class everyday and do your homework. Try your hardest every play because you never know when your gonna get hurt and well it might be your last play ever.

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