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10 Questions - Kevin Smith QB Seguin

10 Questions with Kevin Smith

The Seguin Matadors were in rebuilding mode last year. One of bright lights on the team was QB Kevin Smith, who threw for 2,170 yds with 17 TDs and only 8 Ints, after a junior season in which he threw for 2,035 yds with 20 TDs and 3 Ints.

Scoop: You leave Seguin after an outstanding career in which you eclipsed the 2,000 yard mark twice, were a first team all district selection in a tough district and played on a district champion (as a junior). What do you think your lasting memories of your high school career will be?

KS: My lasting memories of high school will definitely be the bonding on and off the field with all of my teammates. All of the extra work and time spent together in the season, and in offseason. Some of those guys I will be keeping in contact with after college when I have a family and settle down.

Scoop: The Matadors lost the heart of the defense from 2006's 25-5A district champion and struggled in 2007. How difficult was it to maintain a positive attitude last year?

KS: To be completely honest it was very tough. But I feel that I personally gained from the experience. It was kind of a life lesson in a way. Things might not always go your way, but that doesn't mean you give up and wave the white flag.

Scoop: Who was the best player you saw this year on an opposing team? Do you study what they do on the field that makes them successful?

KS: The best player that I played against was Devin Thomas from Madison High School. He made everything look so simple and was very gifted athletically. Being that we don't play the same position it was tough to really analyze him, but I did notice he didn't try and do to much, just what his team needed and of course a little more sometimes.

Scoop: If I'm a coach, why would I want a person like you on my team? What are your best qualities?

KS: What a lot of my high school coaches tell me is that I truly lead by example. I have come to believe this also. You will not find me yelling and getting all pumped up in front of everyone. I simply do what I'm supposed to be doing and expect my teammates to do the same. But on the same note, I feel I make people around me better. I am very encouraging, and can tell players attitudes, because they are all different.

Scoop: What player, college or pro, do you play most like?

KS: It might sounds typical, but I really like to watch Tom Brady. Alot of people have compared me to him not because of the skills, but because of the mental part. He never shows emotion, no matter what kind of situation he is in, and I feel that is one of my great qualities also.

Scoop: Have you decided on a major for college? What kind of career would you like to have.

KS:I would like to get my major in either Physical Therapy or Psychology. With Physical Therapy I would like to branch into sports and maybe work for a team or my own practice. And Psychology I would like to branch into something with the government.

Scoop: Have any LSC schools been recruiting you? Do you have a favorite?

KS: West Texas A&M and Eastern New Mexico are both recruiting me and both bring great things to the table in their own ways.

Scoop: Eastern New Mexico? That's interesting, they've been one of the few option teams remaining. Do you run the option well, or are they changing their offensive scheme?

KS: From what I was told they are changing to the spread offense. That's why I would fit in so well, and also be the first true spread QB recruit.

Scoop: How about your teammates? Who's going to be playing college ball, and where are they going?

KS: My go-to guy Isaac Camacho is being recruited some, but I am not really sure where he is leaning towards just yet.

Scoop: Any advice for guys coming up next year on how to prepare themselves for college, both on the field and in the classroom?

KS: As on the field goes, just play your game and don't let anything change your style. Don't try and do to much and most of all, HAVE FUN!In the classroom, you have to make the grades and score good either on your ACT or SAT, because it could come down to academics determining who gets a scholarship to continue playing at the college level.

Thanks Kevin, best of luck to you in the future.



Anonymous said...

ENMU changing to the spread offense. I didn't think that would ever happen. I think they will slip even further back if that is true. It was one thing that made them different - hard to prepare for only one team running that offense and it differentiated them from other competing schools in recruiting. Now you're not comparing apples to oranges, you're comparing apples to apples and ENMU's apples just aren't going to cut it.

wtamu1975 said...

ENMU going spread?!?!?

That will really give WT the edge in the Wagon Wheel game!!

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