Friday, January 18, 2008

Good story from the Times News Record

Link to the Times News Record

I’ve watched Lonn Reisman, the fine Tarleton State coach, and Rick Cooper at West Texas A&M “work” officials 10 minutes before a game and remain in a ref’s ear until the buzzer sounds. Their “MO” is to whine and moan and complain about every non-call or call that goes against them. It’s a show, and only the better officials get it.

Quote from the article written by Ted Buss.


Anonymous said...

Reisman was the kid everyone picked on at the playground. He's getting his revenge now at the expense of the officials

Anonymous said...

The story by Buss is so bias, why drag Reisman's name into what started as a great story about 3 important and successful coaches in the history of MSU Basketball.

Are we to believe that Reisman cried and moaned his way to 400+ victories. Or that maybe he turned a team that was 3-26 the year before he came and had only 1 winning season in the previous 20 years by coming out "early" before a game and working the refs? Please Mr.Buss, get some perspective before you go dragging one of the most respected and successful coaches in LSC through the mud. Let's give him a little credit shall we.

He may actually know a thing or two about the game of basketball.....or maybe your right...all that success just fell into his lap. That's all it takes a little complaining and whining will get you to a couple of Elite Eights and a Final Four.

Good story, retract the final paragraph and would be better!

Anonymous said...

Settle down there Lon. Don't let a little newspaper article get you so riled up. Save it for the refs at your next game.

Anonymous said...

Good mature comment...hey if my team was 8-7 I'd make a lot of excuses too.

Good job Coach Reisman, keep taking up the officials time. This guy is onto something. Maybe you and Coach Cooper at WTAM are the two winningest Coaches in LSC b/c you argue w/refs. Too bad Jeff Ray has never argued w/Refs....he may have had 300 wins by now already instead of just 200.

LSC Scoop said...

Opinions are fine, accusations (without corroboration or some public source to back you up) are not.

LSC Scoop said...

That last post refers to a comment that was deleted, not any that are still up.

Ref who woke up a little sore this morning said...

I think Ted Buss got his anatomy a little bit wrong.

Reismann is not in a ref's ear - he's in a different orifice.

WTAMU1975 said...

Just think what Rick could do if he was AD like Lonn!!

Lonn is a good coach---his success come from being AD

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