Sunday, January 27, 2008

LSC Basketball Power Poll - Third Week

  1. 14-4 UCO - (LW 1) cruised to a 23 pt win over ECU.

  2. 16-2 Tarleton (2) Beat TAMK on the road, WTAM at home in OT.

  3. 15-3 SWO - (3) Easy over SEO

  4. 15-3 Abilene (4) beat ENMU, surprised by MSU

  5. 13-6 WTAM (5) Beat MSU, lost in OT at Tarleton

  6. 13-5 TAMK (6) Lost to Tarleton State at home

  7. 12-6 Angelo St (7) Beat ENMU as expected

  8. 10-8 ECU (8) Beat Cameron lost to SWO

  9. 8-11 TAMC (10) beat NSU, SEO - starting to hit a groove?

  10. 9-9 Midwestern St (11) lost to WTAM, upset ACU

  11. 8-10 Northeastern St (9) lost to TAMC and Cameron in a shocker

  12. 6-13 ENMU (12) lose two more, Angelo and ACU.

  13. 3-15 Cameron (13) lose to ECU, upset NSU look at what we said last week "will upset someone down the road" (pat on the back)

  14. 3-15 SEO (14) Might not win another game this year


Anonymous said...

Commerce is too low. Abilene is too high

Anonymous said...

I would say 6 through 9 should be ASU, TAMUC, TAMUK, ECU. Unless TAMUK beats West Texas this week then you are probably right.

Anonymous said...

Post #2

Why would you have TAMC ahead of TAMK? As of now, they still have losing record, and lost to Kingsville.

Gonna be some good games this week.

Anonymous said...

Tarleton beat UCO....did they not?
A head to head win would justify in many polls a switch in the rankings.

Cmon Scoop...what basis are you leaving UCO in front of Tarleton (winners of 11 in a row & 2nd in the nation in team defense!)

LSC Scoop said...

The rational for the initial power poll was:
UCO was 6-1 in crossover play
Tarleton 5-2

UCO did lose to Tarleton, but only by 3, in OT and in Stephenville.

Tarleton lost to SWO by 6 at home and to Commercy by 20 on the road.

Since then, both teams have not lost. If Central stumbles and Tarleton keeps winning, they will jump to the top spot. That shouldn't be this week though, UCO faces NSU and SEO.

A case could be made for SWO to be ahead of Tarleton as well. After all they did beat Tarleton on the road, and are higher in the national polls.

Anonymous said...

LSC Scoop, I do appreciate your feedback on your rationale. And I will even agree w/the majority of your argument. If Tarleton is the real deal they will take it over.

But your rationale using the National Poll is flawed. National polls mean nothing. That is all politics. 1 person representing each region....8 total rankers.

If my calculations are right, when the regional rankings come out this week both Tarleton and SWOK will be ahead of UCO.

Another thing... an OT(UCO) win is still a win. We lost to Commerce by 20...this is true. 2 of our best players didn't even play. Eric Williams was sick and played something like 6 minutes and wasn't even starting at time. And Marlin Cloudy was out as well. No excuses though, we shot terrible, 28% i think. But I have a feeling that loss is always going to be something the rankers look at. Just a shame that a game so early in the season can hold you back.

Anonymous said...

Always an interesting debate as to which are the toughest teams in each conference from top to bottom. Obviously the debate is meaningless, but interesting...

Using the power rating system listed at:

LSC Scoop said...

We don't use the national poll in our power poll. If we did our rankings would start off SWO, ACU, Tarleton and then the others. We were just using it as an example of different criteria one might use in ranking the teams.

We won't necessarily conform with the regional poll either. Our poll is unscientific, but we feel it is not too far off base from the way the teams are playing.

Finally, we're not trying to say you're wrong either. This is all opinion, and we might be right, you might be right, or (gasp) we could both be wrong.

We also think the LSC should occupy the top 2 or 3 positions in the intial regional poll.

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