Monday, February 4, 2008

Recruiting Preview and Team Needs

Central Oklahoma
Needs - QB, DL and LB (O'Hara, Lewis and Clewis gone)
Depth - OL, DB, RB (8 of 10 OL will be Srs, need depth behind Birmingham)
Okay - WR (return almost all)

Ryan O'Hara wasn't a world beater, but was a two year starter that needs to be replace. Clewis was a world beater, and the Bronchos likely won't fill that void with equal talent.

East Central
Needs - WR, DL, LB, and DB lose their top players at these positions
Depth - RB (Holland needs help), OL (only 9 OL on roster that have remaining eligibility)
Okay - QB Jackson a good one, but what if he gets hurt

Defense loses 4 top tacklers (7 of top 10) and wasn't stellar to begin with (35 pts, 457 yds per game). Who will Jackson throw to?

Northeastern State
Needs - OL, QB, WR (lost 2 second team and 1 HM All-LSC OL, QB was a weakness last year, only 1 WR with more than 9 catches expected to return)
Depth - LB, DL, DB, RB (some good players return, especially DB Mondy and RB Lewis, but need more around them)
Okay - ST (first team kicker, HM punter to return)

Outside of Josh Lewis, the whole offense needs to be replenished or upgraded. The defense looks to be in better shape, but won't get the Riverhawks to the playoffs on their own.

Southeastern Oklahoma
Needs - DL, RB (lose top 2 DL, and RB Sean Cooper)
Depth - OL, LB, DB (lose 3 OL)
Okay - WR, QB (Top 5 receivers return + maybe some ineligilble from last year, QB moves to needs if Pitrucha isn't back)

SEO's recruiting class will be a success if Justin Pitrucha is eligible in the fall. Defense needs to get better, esepcially against the run.

Southwestern Oklahoma
Needs - OL, DL, RB (OL loses two first team All-LSC, DL loses two second teamers, RB just needs help)
Depth - QB, WR, DB (Day only QB with experience, Haggerty only WR w/more than 20 catches)
Okay - LB, Special Teams (McCoy and Franklin return at LB)

SWO needs to replenish the lines and add some playmakers on offense.

Texas A&M-Commerce

Needs - OL, WR and LB - lost a total of 5 first team All-LSC players
Depth - top RB and QBs will be Srs
Okay - DL and DB each return 2 first team All-LSC players

The Lions will have a lot of seniors returning. A good chance for them to have that breakout year that has been expected in recent times.

Abilene Christian
Needs - OL, DL (lose a lot on both sides of the trenches)
Depth - WR, LB (need a WR to keep teams from double teaming Knox, lose steady LB Stutts)
Okay - QB, RB, DB (top 3 QBs back, top 3 RBs back, DB is deep w/returnees)

If the defense can just improve to above average, the Wildcats could make a serious run in the playoffs. A lot of seniors, this is their best chance since 1977.

Angelo State
Needs - DL, LB, DB (Rams don't lose many, but level of play must get better)
Depth - OL, RB, QB (good players in place, just need more)
Okay - WR (not scheduled to lose anyone)

Angelo State is very young, and could use help all over (even more depth at WR wouldn't be a bad thing.)

Eastern New Mexico
Needs - QB, WR, RB, OL (Switching from the option to the spread?)
Depth - DL, LB, DB (take out Bacone and OPSU games, ENMU gave up 440+ yds and 34 pts per game)
Okay -

The Greyhounds are apparently throwing in the towel on the option, which means they basically need to replace their offense. Defense loses some of their better players and they struggled as it was.

Midwestern State
Needs - Coaches, QB, WR, OL (Daniel Polk, DelJuan Lee, Tony Burson, Immanuel Sennett gone)
Depth - DL, DB (lose 2 second team All-LSC DL, and 1 first and 2 second teamers at DB)
Okay - RB, LB (plenty of good bodies to replace those leaving)

The Mustangs lose a lot of talent - Daniel Polk first and foremost, but also both the OC and the DC, and a total of 9 first or second team All-LSC performers. Last year may have been their best shot to break out.

Tarleton State
Needs - DB, LB, OL (Many of the top Texans were here)
Depth - DL (Miles will be hard to replace)
Okay - QB, RB, WR (good and good depth at all the offensive skill positions)

The Texans may have to take a page from ACU's playbook last year and outscore teams to win. They lose more than a ton of talent including 4 first team All-LSC on defense and 2 on the offensive line.

Texas A&M-Kingsville
Needs - RB, DL, DB (leading RB only had 226 yds, lost 2 DTs, and DBs that had 75% of INTs)
Depth - OL, QB (OL only loses two but needs to improve, only had 3 QBs last year, all frosh and all played)
Okay - WR, LB (should return everyone at these spots)

Didn't lose many seniors, but are thin at spots and need to get better at others.

West Texas A&M
Needs - OL (lose 3 top linemen)
Depth - LB, DB, DL (a lot of seniors in these spots next year)
Okay - QB, RB, WR (good and deep here with backups ready to contribute when called upon)

With all the seniors on the Buffalo roster, next year might be their year if they can re-tool the OL.


John said...

Great concise analogy of LSC, as a Javelina fan who just discovered this site this is great.

Anonymous said...

I'd really like to see the North compete with the South this year. SOSU and A&M Commerce seem to have the best chance to do so. Love this website, beats the hell out of D2Football.

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