Tuesday, April 21, 2009

LSC Roundup 4-21

Men's Golf: Northeastern State leads LSC Championships at 32-under par
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Northeastern State started out hot with a school-record 19-under par 269 over the first 18 holes and followed that up with a 13-under round to take the lead after 36 holes of play at the Lone Star Conference Championships.

Women's Golf: Tarleton State leads after first round at LSC Championships
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Tarleton State put together a solid round to take a nine-stroke lead after the first day of play at the Lone Star Conference Championships. The TexAnns utilized a team effort for a first-day 293 total and lead over Central Oklahoma (302) and Angelo State (303). LSC Player of the Year Carla Cooper led the Tarleton surge with an even-par 72 to finish tied for third individually. Katy Ward (73), Andrea Lowe (74) and Melanie Tham (74) joined her atop the leaderboard.

ECU men's basketball signs two juco players
ADA - East Central University men's head basketball coach Terry Shannon announced Monday the signing of two junior college transfers for the 2009-10 season.

The Tigers have signed guards Terrence Hill, out of Pima Community College (Ariz.), and Maurice Abraham, from Clarendon Junior College. Hill, at 6-1, averaged 17 points and five rebounds for Pima, while Abraham, at 6-3, averaged 11 points and five boards at Clarendon.

Hill and Abraham are the third and fourth players to sign with ECU in this recruiting class. Last week, the Tigers signed Lanard Donnell, out of Eastfield College (Texas) and Mill Creek High School's Toby Blevins.

Four arrested for drug possession

After a lengthy investigation of a suspected drug dealer, Stephenville police arrested four individuals for possession of marijuana Thursday at a home located in the 500 block of Crow Street.

While a tactical team attempted to execute a search warrant at the home of the suspect, Justyn Turner Henderson, 23, a pit bull inside the house charged the officers, who shot and killed the dog.

Four suspects were inside the home at the time, and slammed the door shut on the officers, who then used a battering ram to gain entry.

Police Chief Roy Halsell said a tactical team was used because investigators had credible evidence that there was an SKS rifle inside the home.

Officers found a rifle, pistol and two pounds of marijuana inside the house.

Henderson, Darriel Collins, 19, and Sheldon Monseque, 20, were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana. Henderson and Collins are students at Tarleton State University. Monseque is a former Tarleton football player, who no longer attends the university. A fourth suspect, Shaketha Lambert, 22, was also arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and theft.


Anonymous said...

Shot the dog huh. Should execute the cops and let the dopeheads go. What is this world coming to.

Anonymous said...


If a dog charged you with intent to attack, would you simply stand there and take it? I'm pretty sure you wouldn't. The cops didn't kill the dog just to kill it.

Your response is what makes me ask the same question: "What is this world coming to?"

Anonymous said...

my response was meant to be sarcastic. Would have thought the dopehead comment would have been a clue. You need to dry up and get a sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

My bad. I guess I didn't sense the sarcasm.

I'm also a little sensitive. My father was a police officer.

Another Chance University said...

Maybe they can transfer to ACU and turn their lives around.

Are they good enough football players to deserve a second chance?

Anonymous said...

Dude, yeah, that's so funny! Maybe they can transfer to ACU! You're so clever for coming up with that! I'm laughing so hard right now. It's like the funniest thing I've ever heard. Seriously!

Anonymous said...

I just had an idea.

Maybe these guys can transfer to ACU. You know, they take anyone off the street if they can play. Am I right? Am I right?

Anonymous said...

These guys should transfer to ACU and play ball.

Anonymous said...

Transfer to ACU!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone touched a nerver there.

To the Dude that posted four times in a row - Are you tired of ACU taking in athletes that would never be admitted if they couldn't play some ball?

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for your question.

Yeah, I guess you could say it touched a "nerver".

No, I'm not tired of guys being given another chance.

If they were coming in and doing the same things that got them in trouble before and ACU was still letting them play, then I'd have something to be upset about.

I'd say the guys are happy that someone has given them another shot at doing something they love (wouldn't we all like that opportunity).

As far as what happened with Knox and Scott, there were some mistakes that were made. I can't and won't defend them. I was just as upset as the next guy. Hopefully it won't happen again.

What I'm tired of is people bringing it up. I completely understand making fun after the news broke of some of the transfers the school is bringing in. Also, I understand criticizing the school after the Knox/Scott situation. Heck, I made jokes myself. Now, the jokes are monotonous and old.

Thanks again.


ACU alum (and former booster) said...

What I'm tired of is people bringing it up. I completely understand making fun after the news broke of some of the transfers the school is bringing in. Also, I understand criticizing the school after the Knox/Scott situation. Heck, I made jokes myself. Now, the jokes are monotonous and old.
Thank you anonymous for your opinion

The jokes may be old to you, but what is getting old to me is the football staff continuing to bring in athletes that would never be admitted to ACU if they could not play ball. Any attempt to discuss this with the coaches, athletic director, even the president of the university are IGNORED! They are too cowardly to even have a discussion about it.

I am embarassed that my university resorts to breaking NCAA rules and bringing in such athletes with such character deficiencies. Unless things change, I will no longer contribute to my alma mater.

Anonymous said...

To ACU Alum (and former booster):

See if you can watch this video and still tell me ACU is doing it all wrong.


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