Wednesday, November 17, 2010

All LSC Football Teams announced

Football: All-LSC South Division Awards announced

    RICHARDSON, Texas – Abilene Christian had 12 first-team picks and six individual award winners recognized Wednesday when the annual Lone Star Conference South Division football awards were announced by LSC officials.
   The Wildcats, who claimed the LSC and South Division titles, had seven players on the top offense and five more on the first-team defense after recording the first 11-0 regular season mark in program history.  ACU added several individual honors with the Co-Offensive Lineman of the Year Royland Tubbs, Offensive Back of the Year Mitchell Gale, Receiver of the Year Edmund Gates, Freshman of the Year Daryl Cantu-Harkless, Defensive Lineman of the Year Aston Whiteside and Coach of the Year Chris Thomsen.
    West Texas A&M had 15 players honored on the first- and second-teams with six on offense and nine on defense including Defensive Back of the Year Tae Evans.
  Texas A&M-Kingsville put 14 athletes on the top two teams with five on offense and nine on defense plus the Linebacker of the Year Tressor Baptiste. 
   ACU, Kingsville and WTAMU were each selected for the NCAA Division II playoffs.  The Wildcats (11-0) are the top seed in Super Region Four, while the Javelinas (10-1) are the second seed and the Buffaloes (8-3) are No. 5.  ACU and Kingsville both earned byes in the first round and will host second round contests on Nov. 27. The Wildcats will play the winner of the WTAMU-Central Missouri match-up, and the Javelinas face the Northwest Missouri-Missouri Western victor.  In the first round (Nov. 20), the Buffaloes play at Central Missouri.  Kick-off is set for 1 p.m. from Warrensburg, Mo.
   Midwestern State, who will represent the league in the Kanza Bowl on December 4th, had six players represented on the first and second squads with five offensive and one defensive.  The Mustangs Amini Silatolu shared Co-Offensive Lineman of the Year acclaim.
   Tarleton State had one first and one second-teamer, while Angelo State placed two on the first team and five on the second. 
    Incarnate Word had five honorable mention selections in their first year of LSC competition.
   Overall, 111 student-athletes were recognized by the LSC's postseason awards program, with 32 players named to the first team, 31 on the second team and another 48 gaining honorable mention. The all-conference honors were selected by the head coaches of the seven South Division teams.


Player                              Team                                      Pos.          Year      Hometown
Mitchell Gale                  Abilene Christian                 QB            So.        Alva, Oklahoma
Kelvin Thompson         West Texas A&M                RB            Sr.         Mineral Wells, Texas
Evan Robertson             Tarleton State                      RB            Jr.          Pflugerville, Texas
Emery Dudensing          Abilene Christian                 FB             Sr.         Rule, Texas
Edmond Gates               Abilene Christian                 WR           Sr.         Vernon, Texas
Stephon Burton             West Texas A&M                WR           Sr.         Lakewood, Calif.
Tyson Williams              West Texas A&M                WR           Jr.          Aldine, Texas
David Little                     Midwestern State                 WR           Jr.          Monroe, La.
Ben Gibbs                       Abilene Christian                 TE             Jr.          Abilene, Texas
Royland Tubbs              Abilene Christian                 OG            Sr.         Angleton, Texas
Hank Gilley                    Midwestern State                 OG            Sr.         Victoria, Texas
Amini Silatolu                Midwestern State                 OT            Jr.          Tracy, Calif.
Trevis Turner                  Abilene Christian                 OT            Sr.         DeSoto, Texas
Matt Webber                  Abilene Christian                 C               Jr.          Paradise, Texas
Sergio Castillo                West Texas A&M                PK            R-Fr.     La Joya, Texas
Garrett Tidwell               Angelo State                         RS             Sr.         Boyd, Texas

Player                              Team                                      Pos.          Year      Hometown
Marvin Jones                  Abilene Christian                 DT            Sr.         Vallejo, Calif.
Johnny Tivao                 Texas A&M-Kingsville       DT            Jr.          Compton, Calif.
Aston Whiteside             Abilene Christian                 DE            Jr.          Vernon, Texas
Fred Thompson             Abilene Christian                 DE            Sr.         Houston, Texas
Kyle Thomas                 West Texas A&M                DE            Sr.         Vista, Calif.
Tressor Baptiste             Texas A&M-Kingsville       ILB           Sr.         New York, NY
Kevin Washington        Abilene Christian                 ILB           Sr.         Houston, Texas
Shad Baichtol                West Texas A&M                OLB         Sr.         Mission Viejo, Calif.
Courtney Lane               Abilene Christian                 OLB         Sr.         Houston, Texas
Tae Evans                       West Texas A&M                CB            Sr.         Amarillo, Texas
Caleb Randolph            West Texas A&M                CB            Jr.          Crosby, Texas
Corey Robertson           Texas A&M-Kingsville       S                Sr.         Denison, Texas
Curtis Jefferson              West Texas A&M                S                Jr.          Houston, Texas
DeIra Glover                   Texas A&M-Kingsville       S                Sr.         Hempstead, Texas
George Shamblin           Angelo State                         P                Jr.          Miles, Texas
Dan Sherwood               West Texas A&M                DS             Sr.         Amarillo, Texas

Player                              Team                                      Pos.          Year      Hometown
Zach Eskridge                Midwestern State                 QB            Sr.         Rowlett, Texas
Lester Bush                     Midwestern State                 RB            Jr.          Houston, Texas
Jonathan Woodson       Texas A&M-Kingsville       RB            So.        Missouri City, Texas
John Norcott                   Angelo State                         FB             Sr.         Norton, Mass
Dakari Pecikonis            Angelo State                         WR           So.        Allen, Texas
Ryan Lincoln                 Texas A&M-Kingsville       WR           Sr.         Bastrop, Texas
Kendrick Johnson         Abilene Christian                 WR           Sr.         Mexia, Texas
Brittan Golden               West Texas A&M                WR           Jr.          Denver City, Texas
Nate Bayless                  Angelo State                         TE             Jr.          Burkburnett, Texas
Colby Lowrie                  Texas A&M-Kingsville       OG            Sr.         Sweeny, Texas
Austin Summerall          Angelo State                         OG            So.        Katy, Texas
Neal Tivis                        Abilene Christian                 OT            Jr.          Sanger, Texas
Trent Perkins                  Texas A&M-Kingsville       OT            Sr.         Alice, Texas
Hector Rodriquez          West Texas A&M                C               Jr.          San Antonio, Texas
Christian Brom              Texas A&M-Kingsville       PK            Sr.         McAllen, Texas
Kendrick Johnson         Abilene Christian                 RS             Sr.         Mexia, Texas

Player                              Team                                      Pos.          Year      Hometown
Donald Moore                Abilene Christian                 DT            Jr.          Houston, Texas
Dishon Robertson          West Texas A&M                DT            Jr.          Brownsville, Tenn.
Jamaal Steamer             Tarleton State                      DE            Sr.         Temple Texas
Matt Romig                    Texas A&M-Kingsville       DE            So.        Bells, Texas
Marcus Sanders             Texas A&M-Kingsville       ILB           Jr.          Houston, Texas
Kyle Voss                        West Texas A&M                ILB           So.        Belton, Texas
Austin McDaniel            Midwestern State                 OLB         Sr.         Kaufman, Texas
Brandon Mayes             Angelo State                         OLB         Sr.         Killeen, Texas
James Williams              Abilene Christian                 CB            Sr.         Hallsville, Texas
Derrick Thomas II         Texas A&M-Kingsville       CB            Jr.          San Antonio, Texas
Darien Williams             Abilene Christian                 S                Jr.          Vernon, Texas
Jordan Smith                  West Texas A&M                S                So.        Killeen, Texas
Kendrick Matthews      Texas A&M-Kingsville       S                Jr.          Houston, Texas
Mark Sprague                Abilene Christian                 P                Sr.         Dickinson, Texas
Derek Tesch                    Texas A&M-Kingsville       DS             R-Fr.     Blanco, Texas

Co-Offensive Lineman of the Year: Royland Tubbs, Abilene Christian and
Amini Silatolu, Midwestern State
Offensive Back of the Year: Mitchell Gale, Abilene Christian
Receiver of the Year: Edmund Gates, Abilene Christian
Freshman of the Year: Daryl Cantu-Harkless, Abilene Christian
Defensive Lineman of the Year: Aston Whiteside, Abilene Christian
Linebacker of the Year: Tressor Baptiste, Texas A&M-Kingsville
Defensive Back of the Year: Tae Evans, West Texas A&M
Coach of the Year: Chris Thomsen, Abilene Christian

Player                              Team                                      Pos.          Year      Hometown
Josh Neiswander            Angelo State                         QB            Sr.         Winnsboro, Texas
Taylor Harris                  West Texas A&M                QB            Sr.         Whitesboro, Texas
Nick Stephens                Tarleton State                      QB            Sr.         Flower Mound, Texas
Daryl Richardson          Abilene Christian                 RB            Jr.          Vernon, Texas
Daryl Cantu-Harkless   Abilene Christian                 RB            R-Fr.     Austin, Texas
Trent Rios                       Incarnate Word                   RB            So.        Spring Branch, Texas
Donald Geis                    Incarnate Word                   FB             Jr.          San Antonio, Texas
Robert Armstrong          Texas A&M-Kingsville       WR           R-Fr.     Cuero, Texas
Sherman Batiste            Texas A&M-Kingsville       WR           So.        Fort Bend, Texas
Andrew Mocio               Incarnate Word                   TE             So.        Waco, Texas 
Isaiah Lewis                   West Texas A&M                OG            Sr.         Meridian, Mississippi
Josh Perez                       Abilene Christian                 OG            R-Fr.     Rio Hondo, Texas
Bubba Wagner               Tarleton State                      OG            Sr.         San Antonio, Texas
Ty Warnasch                  Incarnate Word                   OG            So.        Stockdale, Texas
Dan Sherwood               West Texas A&M                OT            Sr.         Amarillo, Texas
Conner Cook                  Angelo State                         OT            Jr.          San Antonio, Texas
Ricki Gomez                   Midwestern State                 OT            So.        Miami, Fla.
Bobby Parsons               Midwestern State                 C               Sr.         Irving, Texas
Timothy Byerly             Texas A&M-Kingsville       C               Sr.         Victoria, Texas
Mike Hernandez            Tarleton State                      C               Sr.         Smithson Valley
Morgan Lineberry         Abilene Christian                 PK            So.        Dallas, Texas
Jose Martinez                 Midwestern State                 PK            Sr.         Wichita Falls, Texas     
Spencer Covey               Abilene Christian                 PK            R-Fr.     Colleyville, Texas
Arron Fisher                    Texas A&M-Kingsville       RS             Jr.          Orlando, Fla.
Jonathon Woodson       Texas A&M-Kingsville       RS             So.        Missouri City, Texas
Tommy Hampton         West Texas A&M                RS             Jr.          Bronx, NY
Brandon Lowery           Tarleton State                      RS             Fr.         Sasche, Texas               
Cody Smith                    Angelo State                         DT            Sr.         Athen, Texas
Dondi Cooks II              Texas A&M-Kingsville       DT            Sr.         Dallas, Texas
J.D. Corcoran                 Midwestern State                 DT            Sr.         Lake Arrowhead, Calif.
Kevin Birdow                 Midwestern State                 DE            Jr.          Palestine, Texas
Devin McDonald           Angelo State                         DE            Sr.         Rockwall, Texas
Jacob Rowe                    Tarleton State                      DE            Sr.         Alvarado, Texas
Rashad Sanders             West Texas A&M                DE            Jr.          Flower Mound, Texas
Austin Benson                Angelo State                         ILB           So.        Del Rio, Texas
Eric Edwards                  Abilene Christian                 ILB           Sr.         Stephenville, Texas
Damian Perkins             Tarleton State                      ILB           Jr.          Hallsville, Texas
Dakota Mawyer            Incarnate Word                   ILB           So.        Spring Branch, Texas
Bryson Lewis                  Abilene Christian                 OLB         Sr.         Dallas, Texas
Kevin McCluskey         West Texas A&M                OLB         So.        Waxahachie, Texas
Brandon Johnson          Tarleton State                      CB            Sr.         Giddings Texas
Markeith Jones              Angelo State                         CB            Sr.         Dallas, Texas
LB Suggs                         Abilene Christian                 S                So.        Cedar Hill, Texas
Lonnie Buchanan         Tarleton State                      S                Sr.         Greenville, Miss.
Richard Havins              Abilene Christian                 S                Jr.          Round Rock, Texas
Alvin Johnson                Angelo State                         S                So.        Houston, Texas
Brent Schroeder             Abilene Christian                 DS             Fr.         Abilene, Texas
Avery Rigg                      Angelo State                         DS             Jr.          Crane, Texas

All-LSC North Division Football honors announced

    RICHARDSON, Texas – Eastern New Mexico had 11 first-team selections and two individual award winners recognized Wednesday when the annual Lone Star Conference North Division football awards were announced by LSC officials.
   ENMU had the most first-teamers with five offensive and six defensive selections including Co-Offensive Back of the Year Wes Wood and Defensive Back of the Year Tillman Stevens.
    Northeastern State, who earned a share the North Division title, collected 11 first- and second-team picks with six on offense and five on defense.  Trey McVey was the Receiver of the Year and Johnny Evans was named Linebacker of the Year for the RiverHawks.
    East Central added nine players to the top two teams after winning a share of their first divisional title.  Three individual awards went to the Tigers including Offensive Lineman of the Year Carlos Savala, Defensive Lineman of the Year Armonty Bryant and Coach of the Year Tim McCarty.
   Central Oklahoma had 12 first- and second-teamers plus Freshman of the Year Josh Birmingham.
   Southeastern Oklahoma totaled eight choices with seven of those on the first team plus Co-Offensive Back of the Year Baylen Laury.
  Southwestern Oklahoma had seven picks, while Texas A&M-Commerce had three.
   Overall, 103 student-athletes were recognized by the LSC's postseason awards program, with 33 players named to the first team, 33 on the second team and 37 earning honorable mention. The all-conference honors were selected by the head coaches of the seven North Division teams.


Player                                     Team                                                    Pos.         Year        Hometown
Wes Wood                            Eastern New Mexico                         QB           So.           Muleshoe, Texas
Baylen Laury                         Southeastern Oklahoma                   RB           Sr.           Forney, Texas
Josh Birmingham                  Central Oklahoma                              RB           Fr.           Luther, Okla.
Darrin Reeves                       Southeastern Oklahoma                   FB            Sr.           St. Jo, Texas
Jessie Poku                            Eastern New Mexico                         WR          Sr.           Murphy, Texas
Trey McVey                           Northeastern State                            WR          Jr.            Muskogee, Okla.
Kenzee Jackson                    Texas A&M-Commerce                     WR          Fr.           Arlington, Texas
Daniel Morrell                      Central Oklahoma                              WR          Jr.            Blanchard, Okla.
Darian Dale                           Eastern New Mexico                         WR          Jr.            Bay City, Texas
Ryan Shelly                            Southeastern Oklahoma                   TE            So.           Irving, Texas
Colton Ables                         Northeastern State                            OG          Jr.            Mesquite, Texas
Ryan Sullivan                         Southeastern Oklahoma                   OG          Jr.            Durant, Okla.
Travis Kincheloe                   Southeastern Oklahoma                   OT           So.           Georgetown, Texas
Adam Robinson                    Eastern New Mexico                         OT           Jr.            Lubbock, Texas
Chris Cherry                          Northeastern State                            OT           Jr.            Tulsa, Okla.
Sean Taglialatela                   Southeastern Oklahoma                   C              Sr.           Ponca City, Okla.
Taylor Cannon                      Eastern New Mexico                         PK           Jr.            Los Lunas, NM
Nate Robinson                      Northeastern State                            RS            Jr.            Rockingham, NC

Player                                     Team                                                    Pos.         Year        Hometown
Billy Blackard                        Northeastern State                            DT           Sr.           Claremore, Okla.
Bracy McCoy                         Eastern New Mexico                         DT           So.           Freeport, Texas.
Armonty Bryant                    East Central                                         DE           So.           Wichita Falls, Texas
Matt Kalisch                          Eastern New Mexico                         DE           Sr.           Harker Heights, Texas
Johnny Evans                        Northeastern State                            ILB           Sr.           Chandler, Okla.
Nathan Uland                        Eastern New Mexico                         ILB           Sr.           Denton, Texas
Devin Sweet                          Eastern New Mexico                         OLB         Sr.           Clovis, Texas
Danny Mason                        Texas A&M-Commerce                     OLB         So.           Louisville, Ky.
Dontea Smith                        East Central                                         CB           Jr.            Deland, Fla.
Nate Robinson                      Northeastern State                            CB           Jr.            North Carolina
Tillman Stevens                    Eastern New Mexico                         S              Sr.           Baytown, Texas
Jonathan Darby                    Southwestern Oklahoma                  S              Jr.            San Diego, Calif.
Steven Harris                        Southeastern Oklahoma                   S              Jr.            Carrollton, Texas
Cody Lentz                            Northeastern State                            P              Jr.            Houston, Texas
Karlton Graves                      Eastern New Mexico                         DS           Sr.           Brownwood, Texas

Player                                     Team                                                    Pos.         Year        Hometown
Ethan Sharp                           Central Oklahoma                              QB           So.           Eufaula, Okla.
Marcus Graham                    Texas A&M-Commerce                     RB           Jr.            Round Rock, Texas
Charles Opeseyitan             East Central                                         RB           Jr.            Allen, Texas
Marshall Fraley                     Southwestern Oklahoma                  FB            Sr.           Bixby, Okla.
Zack Patterson                      East Central                                         WR          Jr.            Lucas, Texas
Tucker Holland                     Central Oklahoma                              WR          So.           Edmond, Okla.
Dolphin Davis                        Central Oklahoma                              WR          So.           Tulsa, Okla.
Carl Bouldin                          Eastern New Mexico                         WR          Jr.            San Antonio, Texas
Logan Cawyer                       Northeastern State                            TE            Sr.           Commerce, Okla.
T.J. Cleavinger                       Eastern New Mexico                         OG          Sr.           Garland, Texas
Stephen Speer                     Southwestern Oklahoma                  OG          Jr.            Arlington, Texas
Jake Kessen                           Central Oklahoma                              OT           Sr.           Crescent, Okla.
Karlton Graves                      Eastern New Mexico                         OT           Sr.           Brownwood, Texas
Cody Ellett                             Central Oklahoma                              C              Sr.           Broken Arrow, Okla.
Chris Robbs                           Central Oklahoma                              PK           So.           Dallas, Texas
Drew Patton                          Northeastern State                            PK           Fr.           Fayetteville, Ark.
Bruce Hatton                        Southwestern Oklahoma                  RS            Jr.            Dallas, Texas

Player                                     Team                                                    Pos.         Year        Hometown
Henry Niutei                         Southwestern Oklahoma                  DT           Sr.           Eules, Texas
Dexter Elliot                          Southeastern Oklahoma                   DT           Sr.           Mt. Pleasant, Texas
Travis Buchanan                   East Central                                         DE           Sr.           Riverside, Calif.
Travis Boswell                       Northeastern State                            DE           Jr.            Tahlequah, Okla.   
Tucker Cason                        Central Oklahoma                              ILB           Jr.            Oklahoma City, Okla.
Jaron Burgess                       Southwestern Oklahoma                  ILB           Sr.           Norman, Okla.
Tyler McGrew                       East Central                                         OLB         So.           Bixby, Okla.
Jameel Whitney                   East Central                                         OLB         Fr.           Oklahoma City, Okla.
Marvin Tribble                      Southwestern Oklahoma                  CB           Jr.            Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
Creadell Pennon                  Central Oklahoma                              CB           So.           Altus, Okla.
Keno Meadows                    Central Oklahoma                              S              So.           Del City, Okla.
Norris Wrenn                       East Central                                         S              So.           Lawton, Okla.
Curtis Jackson                       Eastern New Mexico                         S              Jr.            College Station, Texas
Ryan Massengale                 East Central                                         P              Sr.           Norman, Okla.
Taylor Cannon                      Eastern New Mexico                         P              Jr.            Los Lunas, NM
Bryce Davis                           Central Oklahoma                              DS           Jr.            Duncan, Okla.

Offensive Lineman of the Year: Carlos Savala, East Central
Co-Offensive Back of the Year: Wes Wood, Eastern New Mexico and
Baylen Laury, Southeastern Oklahoma
Receiver of the Year: Trey McVey, Northeastern State
Freshman of the Year: Josh Birmingham, Central Oklahoma
Defensive Lineman of the Year: Armonty Bryant, East Central
Linebacker of the Year: Johnny Evans, Northeastern State
Defensive Back of the Year: Tillman Stevens, Eastern New Mexico
Coach of the Year: Tim McCarty, East Central

Player                                     Team                                                    Pos.         Year        Hometown
Tyler Vanderzee                   East Central                                         QB           Jr.            Chino, Calif.
Logan Turner                        Southeastern Oklahoma                   QB           So.           Springtown, Texas
Kenny Davis                          Northeastern State                            QB           Jr.            Adair, Okla.                            
Tony Valenzuela                   Eastern New Mexico                         RB           Sr.           Seagraves, Texas
Brandon DeFrance              Southeastern Oklahoma                   WR          Fr.           Colleyville, Texas
Chase Kyser                          Eastern New Mexico                         WR          So.           Roswell, NM
Ryan Corbin                          Southwestern Oklahoma                  TE            So.           Newcastle, Okla.
Cody Nall                               East Central                                         TE            Fr.           Ardmore, Okla.
Bryce Davis                           Central Oklahoma                              TE            Jr.            Duncan, Okla.
Desmond Farris                    East Central                                         OG          Jr.            Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.
Jon Ramos                             East Central                                         OG          Sr.           Los Angeles, Calif.
Carlos Savala                         East Central                                         OT           Jr.            Fontana, Calif.
Kane Bryen                           Southwestern Oklahoma                  OT           So.           Thomas, Okla.
Chad Roark                            East Central                                         C              Sr.           Ada, Okla.
Ryan Torres                           Eastern New Mexico                         C              Sr.           Fort Worth, Texas
Matt Berrey                          East Central                                         PK           Jr.            Purcell, Okla.
Markell Walker                    East Central                                         RS            Fr.           Oklahoma City, Okla.
Herbert Byrd                        Central Oklahoma                              DT           Jr.            Okmulgee, Okla.
Tevin Moore                         Texas A&M-Commerce                     DT           Fr.           Dallas, Texas
Sam Moses                            Central Oklahoma                              DT           So.           Broken Arrow, Okla.
Lonnell Rice                          East Central                                         DT           Jr.            Moreno Valley, Calif.
Derrick Joslin                        Southeastern Oklahoma                   DT           Jr.            Douglasville, Ga.
Alex Moore                           Southeastern Oklahoma                   DE           Sr.           Rowlett, Texas
Cash Johnson                        Southwestern Oklahoma                  DE           R-Fr.        Kingfisher, Okla.
Caom Hansen                        Northeastern State                            DE           Sr.           Mountain Home, Idaho
Perrin Sellers                        Eastern New Mexico                         ILB           Jr.            Lamarque, Texas
Preston Margain                  Southwestern Oklahoma                  ILB           Jr.            Los Angeles, Calif.
Kerel James                           East Central                                         ILB           Jr.            Los Angeles, Calif.
Turner Troup                        Central Oklahoma                              ILB           So.           Norman, Okla.
Airieus Ervin                         East Central                                         ILB           So.           Lawton, Okla.
Langston Jones                     Northeastern State                            OLB         Fr.           Calisburg, Texas
Austin Daniels                       East Central                                         CB           Jr.            Pasadena, Calif.
Rodney Mitchell                   Eastern New Mexico                         CB           Sr.           Sarasota, Fla.
Nick Dobler                           Northeastern State                            S              Sr.           Topeka, Kan.
Markell Walker                    East Central                                         S              Fr.           Oklahoma City, Okla.
Dalton Wortham                  East Central                                         DS           Fr.           Marlow, Okla.
Colton Dickinson                  Southwestern Oklahoma                  DS           So.           Tulsa, Okla.

LSC Football Academic Honors announced

    RICHARDSON, Texas – Eastern New Mexico offensive tackle Karlton Graves and Midwestern State quarterback Zack Eskridge headlined the 2010 Lone Star Conference football academic awards, which were announced by league officials on Wednesday.
    Graves, a senior from Brownwood, Texas, was selected as the LSC North Academic Player of the Year with a 3.94 grade point average in political science.  This year, he blocked for the Greyhounds spread offense, which ranks 4th in the league and 16th in the nation in passing.  Graves and the offensive line helped ENMU average 431 yards per game, including 302 passing yards and 129 rushing yards.
    Eskridge, a senior from Rowlett, Texas, picked up his second straight LSC South Academic Player of the Year award with a 3.56 GPA in radiology.  His honors include CoSIDA/ESPN the Magazine Academic All-District first team member, Harlon Hill Finalist, All-America Honorable mention, Daktronics Super Region 4 Offensive Player of the Year and Daktronics All-Super Region 4 First Team in 2009. Eskridge set records in completions (550), passing yards (6747) and passing touchdowns (52) during his career as a Mustang.  His overall record as a starting quarterback for MSU is 21-10.
    The two topped the list of 23 players named to the LSC All-Academic Teams, which recognize both academic and athletic achievement.
  The All-Academic Team is selected by the league's sports information directors, who vote on the basis of both academic and athletic achievement. To be eligible for LSC academic honors, student-athletes must have played in at least 50 percent of team’s contests, reached sophomore athletic and academic standing (true freshmen and redshirt freshmen are not eligible), completed at least one full academic year at the nominating institution, and have a minimum 3.30 cumulative grade point average based on the 4.0 system for his/her entire collegiate career.
    The North Division All-Academic team included four players from Eastern New Mexico, three representing Central Oklahoma, two each from Southwestern Oklahoma and Southeastern Oklahoma and one from Northeastern State.
    West Texas A&M led the South Division All-Academic team with four selections, while Incarnate Word and Angelo State each earned two, and Tarleton State, Midwestern State and Abilene Christian rounded out the squad with one apiece.
    With Graves on the North Division All-Academic team was teammates Nathan Uland, Stefan Mills and Chase Kyser, UCO’s Chris Robbs, Tucker Holland and Tucker Cason, SWOSU’s Cody Gragg and Stephen Speer, SOSU’s Travis Kincheloe and Welton Johnson and NSU’s Nick Dobler.
    In addition to Eskridge, the South Division All-Academic team was comprised of ACU’s Emery Dudensing, UIW’s Charles Segura and Trent Rios, ASU’s Josh Neiswander and Ryan Merryman, WTAMU’s John McSheffery, Curtis Jefferson, Dan Sherwood and Aaron Mullane and Tarleton’s Brandon Johnson.

2010 Lone Star Conference Football All-Academic Awards

North Division All-Academic Team
Player, Pos.                              Team                                                Year                       Major                                                          Hometown
Karlton Graves, OT              Eastern New Mexico             Sr.                           Political Science                                  Brownwood, Texas
Chris Robbs, K                        Central Oklahoma                   So.                          Nursing                                                       Dallas, Texas
Cody Gragg, WR                    Southwestern Oklahoma   Sr.                           Technology                                              Waukomis, Okla.
Nick Dobler, S                        Northeastern State                Sr.                           Health & Human Performance  Topeka, Kansas
Nathan Uland, LB                 Eastern New Mexico             Sr.                           Finance (Business Management) Denton, Texas
Tucker Holland, WR           Central Oklahoma                   So.                          Chemistry                                                 Edmond, Okla.
Tucker Cason, LB                  Central Oklahoma                   Jr.                            Kinesiology                                              Oklahoma City, Okla.
Welton Johnson, CB          Southeastern Oklahoma     Sr.                           Health, Physical Educ. and Rec. Ashdown, Ark.
Travis Kincheloe, OL          Southeastern Oklahoma     So.                          Undecided                                               Georgetown, Texas
Stephen Speer, OL              Southwestern Oklahoma   Jr.                            Accounting                                              Arlington, Texas
Stefan Mills, RB                     Eastern New Mexico             So.                          Mathematics                                          Clovis, N.M.
Chase Kyser, WR                   Eastern New Mexico             So.                          Education                                                 Roswell, N.M.

North Division Special Recognition
Academic Player of the Year: Karlton Graves, Eastern New Mexico


South Division All-Academic Team
Player, Pos.                              Team                                                Year                       Major                                                          Hometown
Zack Eskridge, QB                 Midwestern State                   Sr.                           Radiology                                                  Rowlett, Texas
Emery Dudensing, FB        Abilene Christian                    Sr.                           Mathematics                                          Rule, Texas
Charles Segura, OG             Incarnate Word                        Jr.                            Accounting                                              San Antonio, Texas
Josh Neiswander, QB         Angelo State                               Grad school      Business Administration                 Winnsboro, Texas
Aaron Mullane, OL              West Texas A&M                     So.                          Biology                                                       Amarillo, Texas
Ryan Merryman, C               Angelo State                               Jr.                            Math                                                            Marlin, Texas
Dan Sherwood, OL              West Texas A&M                     Grad school      Sports & Exercise Sciences          Amarillo, Texas
Curtis Jefferson, DB            West Texas A&M                     Jr.                            Sports & Exercise Sciences          Houston, Texas
John McSheffery, LB          West Texas A&M                     Jr.                            Sports & Exercise Sciences          Sulphur Springs, Texas
Trent Rios, RB                         Incarnate Word                        So.                          Business Management                     Spring Branch, Texas
Brandon Johnson, DB        Tarleton State                           Sr.                           Kinesiology                                              Giddings, Texas

South Division Special Recognition
Academic Player of the Year: Zack Eskridge, Midwestern State

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