Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Q&A - Dominick Maddox

We interviewed Dominick last year.  He had just finished up his second year at Navarro Junior College and surprisingly got little notice from LSC schools.  After signing with Stony Brook last February, Dominick came back to Texas and is looking for a home in the LSC for the next two seasons.

Q. Why are you interested in playing in the LSC?
Dominick Maddox - It’s always been big for me to stay close to home while I was playing in college. It’s just the simple fact of playing in front of family and friends. Also it's the conference I know the most about.

Q. What do you bring to the table?
DM - I'm one of the players who loves the game in and out. So I play with a lot of emotion and energy, basically I play loud. Majority of the time on all the teams I have been a part of, feed off that energy. I've been told that I talk too much but I use my talking as a technique. I want to beat you up mentally while I'm beating you up physically, it’s how I have always played and I doubt it will ever stop, it’s natural for me.

Q. Where do you envision your best spot on the field?
DM - Anywhere in the secondary, but preferably safety, ideally it’s the one thats making the adjustments. I love special teams so everything besides field goal. I really would want someone to give me a opportunity to return also.

Q. Have you spoken with any schools yet? Do you have a favorite?
DM - None. My favorites are ACU, West Texas A&M and Texas A&M-Kingsville because of the recent players they have put out in the league.

Q. Was it difficult not suiting up on Saturdays last year?
DM - It was killing me watching everybody else play especially my close high school teammates.

Q. How about after college? What plans to do have?
DM - Of course I want to go to the NFL but if that doesn’t work, start my on Chicken Spot on the Northeast Side of San Antonio. It's hard to be successful in America without a degree. Your body will give out before your mind will.

Closing thougths - I am 5”10, run a 4.41, and have 3 years in experience in College Football. I’m hungry - whoever is gives me a chance will get a player that is ready to go and contribute from day one.


Anonymous said...

This guy is an awesome player, I have had the opportunity to watch this kid develop into a man on the field. From his years at a prominent powerhouse at Converse Judson, to his two years at Navarro JC. It is a shame no one has giving this kid an opportunity

Anonymous said...

After watching his highlights and seeing that he went to Navarro playing against Mike Hayes (Starting RB for University of Houston) and Cam Newton (1st round Prospect), it surprising that no D2s have offered him. I did some research and I don't see any LSC DB more talented then him. And does workouts like the NFL combine, someone needs to get this guy. He has too much potential.

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