Sunday, January 8, 2012

LSC Scoop Recruiting Spotlight - Antonio Rodgers

Today's Recruiting Spotilight takes a look at Antonio Rodgers.  Antonio, a linebacker/safety prospect, played ball at West Hills College, racking up 67 tackles, with 7 tackles for loss, 4 sacks, 3 forced fumbles, 2 fumble recoveries (1 TD) and 3 interceptions.  He has graduated, made the Dean's List and is ready to play at the next level.  Alabama A&M, Pittsburg State and Norfolk State are among schools showing interest in Antonio.
LSC Scoop - Antonio, what an outstanding season for you, and the team improved by threewins. What will you remember most from last year?
Antonio -  The main thing i will remember from my past season would have to be the way we played as a team how we played together as one I'm going to miss those guys.
Scoop -What was the biggest adjustment from high school? What do expect to be the biggest change/challenge at the next level?
A - One adjustment from high school I would have to say would have to be size.  Guys were bigger and stronger, everyone says speed would be a differences but come from Miami, we produce speed, so I was used to playing against fast guys.
Scoop - How about recruiting. When did 4-year colleges start coming around? Was it ever a distraction?
A - Schools started coming around two weeks after the season, but not many,  about 2 or 3. it was never a distraction for me cause I'm a very focused person I knew how to handle it.
Scoop - What schools have been showing interest in you? What other schools are you interested in?
A - Arkansas Tech, Grambling State, North Carolina A&T, Notre Dame college, Alabama A&M, AND Norfolk State.  Some schools that I'm interested in are Florida Athlantic, Fresno State, Akron, Florida International and Grambling State.
Scoop - Making the Dean's List and graduating already, shows that academics are important to you.
A - Academics plays a major role for me because i know that I cant play football forever.  I would love to, but I know I have to be real with myself.  My mother is big on academics and nothing would make her happier then seeing me get my degree.  My major is sports administration.
Scoop - What will make you successful at the next level?
A - One of my strengths is just being a playmaker, always having the ability to make everyone around me better with the way I play.  Another is the ability to anticipate plays - its like I know what plays are coming before they come.
Scoop - Who are your role models?
A -  My role model is Deon Sanders.  I love the way he played the game - he was just a great playmaker.  That's who I try in base my game off of.  My mom is also my role model - a single mom that always took good care of all of my brothers and sisters.   There were nights she would go hungry - just as long as her kids ate, she was happy. She is hardworking - that's where i get my work ethic from. God as well cause with out him nothing is possible.  I thank him for everything he has done for me and hope he keeps on blessing me.

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