Friday, August 10, 2012

LSC Scoop Interview - Thomas Parsons


Q - This is an understatement, but you were heavily recruited in high school (Smithson Valley). Dave Campbell's Texas Football had you listed with the state's top linemen, while Rivals (#51), Scout (#36), ESPN (#18) all had you as one of the top offensive linemen in the nation, and you sign with one of the premier programs in the nation. Can you tell us what it was like to play for LSU?
A - Playing for LSU was a big step... everything out there in Baton Rouge is big. I learned a lot from my time there.

Q - How difficult was it being injured during your redshirt freshman season? How did you cope with such a loss?
When I was injured I knew I had to play on, thats the only way you can do this work. After I found out I was hurt and wasn't supposed to play again, it was a time of testing and tribulations in my life.  But I knew if it was God's will, I would be resilient.

Q - How serious was the injury and are you back to 100%?
I played the entire season at fullback with a broken collar bone and it was pretty bad because everytime I hit someone it would break just a little bit more.  But I am back 110% now and as a matter of testing the shoulder, I  recently won the super heavy weight powerlifting National Championship while at LSU.  So it seems to have held up fine!

Q - What can you tell us about the period between your injury and now?
The time after my injury was hard, because for the first time I became so far from what I loved most in life (football).  Finding my path back to the gridiron is such a blessing and the time I spent out of the game has allowed me to look at the game with a hungry point of view.

Q - Now you are a Javelina. How did you end up in Kingsville?
My highschool team mate, Chandler Hill, plays for the Javelinas and he told his coaches that I was on the market. The coaches graciously gave me an official visit and I enjoyed the atmosphere here in Kingsville... so I came, lol.

Q - What other schools were you talking to?
I had a few D1 programs looking at me and most of the schools in the LSC like ACU, San Angelo and a few others.  I was also looking at San Marcos.  But ultimately, I enjoy coach Atterberry and his team.

Q - What was the difference maker? Why TAMUK instead of (other schools)?
This is the question I was waiting for. First of all I see a sense of self discipline and self regulation like I had never seen at any other school. And the coaches, like the players, are super hungry. The want to win and you can just feel it in the air when your around this Javelina team.  I personaly feel like my personality fits well with all members participating at TAMUK.

Q - What are your expectations for this season?
I expect that this team will go all the way.  Like I stated before, they are a hungry pack. I hope to be a leader on the team, a play maker, and a good teammate as I learn every player's personality.  I've been in the trenches before and I have played at the best level, so bringing that to the table, humbly, as well as working with my teammates for the ultimate goal (to win a National Championship) makes me think we have a good thing going here.

Q - Coming from LSU, what kind of intangibles can you bring to the Javelinas?
I feeel as though I am a veteran in this game. But my experiance at LSU has made me a humble person. I have been with a team that has been to the highest level, but at the same time I was with LSU when we were down on our luck. So I know how to lead not only when I am winning, but also when we are not doing so well. Coming from LSU to TAMUK has just made me want to work hard for my teammates and coaches, KNOWING that if I make the team better through work effort I will get better in the process.

Q - How important have academics been to you?
Plain and simple, academics were not very important to me (in the past). I did the bare minimum possible.  But after getting hurt, I saw very quickly that football can end at any point.  And when it does, life hits, and it hits hard. So you better be ready for a plan "B". Academics gives you a fighting chance at choosing the path in which you want your life to follow. I just graduated (August 3rd) from LSU with my bachelors in Communications and now I am studying for Masters Degree. And I plan to stay in school as long as possible!

Thank you for your time, and best of luck this season.

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