Thursday, February 18, 2016

LSC Indoor Track & Field Championships

(From the LSC Office)


Scoop Note
Based on performances heading into the Championships, this is how the teams project:
1. Texas A&M Commerce (5 gold medals)
2. West Texas A&M (4 gold medals)
3. Texas A&M-Kingsville (6 gold medals)
4. Tarleton State (1 gold medal)
5. Eastern New Mexico

As of now, TAMC has a fairly comfortable lead, but that could easily change this weekend.  WTAM has a similar cushion for second place over TAMK, with TSU and ENMU way back, battling to stay out of last place.  The Lions and Buffs benefit not only from top performers, but also sheer numbers.  The Javelinas don't have as many posted results, but do better on a national stage due to the extremely high quality of their best athletes.

As projected, TAMC won by a comfortable margin (45 points).  However, TAMK jumped ahead of WTAM and TSU easily outpaced ENMU.  This shouldn't come as  big surprise, as our projections were based on season performances this year and there were quite a few athletes competing for the first time this year.  TAMK had the most gold medals 8, WTAM 4, TAMC  3 and TSU 2.

As of now, here are the numbers for the national championship meet.
TAMK - 4 auto, 13 provisional 
TAMC - 1 auto, 22 provisional
WTAM - 1 auto, 13 provisional
TSU - 0 auto, 11 provisional
ENMU - 0 auto, 2 provisional

TAMK projects to 41 points in NCAA meet (#1 in HJ, LJ, #2 in PV, 60H, #5 in 800M, #8 in 200M)
WTAM projects to 18 points (#1 in 400M, #3 in distance medley, #7 in 4x400 relay)
TAMC projects to 9 points (#2 in TJ, #8 in 800M)
TSU projects to 4 points (#5 in Mile)
ENMU does not project to score

1. West Texas A&M (6 gold medals)
2. Angelo State (3 gold medals)
3. Texas A&M-Commerce 
4. Texas A&M-Kingsville (3 gold medals)
5. Eastern New Mexico (2 gold medals)
6(tie). Tarleton State (2 gold medals)
6(tie). Midwestern State

Not as competitive as the men for the top spot, with WTAM poised to cruise to the title.  ASU is solidly in second place, TAMC & TAMK very close for third, and the final 3 (ENMU, TSU, MSU) very tightly packed.  The Lady Buffs are projected to win the most events and have the most athletes score points for them.  As on the men's side, the Lady Javelinas rely on a smaller group of scorers which gives them a smaller margin for error in maintaining their position and extremely difficult for them to move up.  

WTAM did win by 23.5 points, and ASU was 22.5 ahead of the third place team.  As on the men's side, TSU scored much more than the projection, squeaking past TAMK for third.  The Gold medal count had WTAM with 7, ASU 3, TAMK 3, TSU 2, ENMU 1, MSU 1.

WTAM - 0 auto, 17 provisional
ASU - 1 auto, 11 provisional
TAMK - 0 auto, 11 provisional
TSU - 0 auto, 6 provisional
TAMC - 0 auto, 5 provisional
ENMU - 0 auto, 4 provisional
MSU - 0 auto, 0 provisional

ASU projects to 17 points (#2 in the pentathlon, #3 HJ, #6 in LJ) All Kami Jordan just a soph.
TAMK projects to 11 points (#4 in 200M, #6 in 400M, #7 & #8 in 60M)
WTAM projects to 4 points (#6 in HJ, #8 in shot)
TSU projects to 2 points (#7 in 200M)
TSU, ENMU, MSU do not project to score

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